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“We passed our initial inspection by The Joint Commission and did so with kudos to 1)our processes, 2)our time out boards...Was truly great to see/hear the inspector who was in the OR compliment us on our boards and how smooth and efficient our timeout was...many thanks to you for everything you did to get these boards here for us just in time.”

Eduard E. Pineiro, VAMC

The use of a pre-op board at Highland Hospital
“To date we’ve simulated almost 50 residents of various years of training...the range of correct answers was 3-19.

First year residents ... Mean = 10.8.
Second year residents ... Mean = 9.2.
Third year residents ... Mean = 11.6.

Those same residents who repeated the scenario using the board all had perfect scores.”

David J. Birnbach, MD, MPH, Professor and Vice Provost University of Miami
Director, UM-JMH Center for Patient Safety
“We are using them daily and staff really do like them. We had a Joint Commission Consultant here and she took pictures. Stated that she considered a “best practice” I did tell her that it was a VA in Florida that shared the info. Thanks for checking in.”

Susan Jones, OR/ASU Manager, Alaska VA
“We did have a Radiologist do a hard stop during an Interventional Radiology procedure time out. He sent the patient back to the nursing unit to receive meds to prevent a possible complication related to dye administration and rescheduled him for another day.”

From a major Hospital Chain
"Rick, I want to give you a heads up, watch out and think of us. My hospital has gone religious on the use of the peri-op boards we put in our three L&D O.R.s. They have been very helpful in enhancing patient safety -even (especially) in stat C/S cases. It is 5 -10 seconds of very well spent time. I expect that we will be shortly getting boards ordered for all our operating room suites (18 now with 8 more in April). Also, we recently had a mock Joint Commission in spection and the physician inspector was so impressed that he copied down your company's name and number - likely to take it national. So, when all this new business comes your way, do think of us."

Henry J. Sobel, M.D., MBA Department Chair Women's & Children's Services Anne Arundel Medical Center Rebecca M. Clatanoff Pavilion 
 "Implementation of the white board checklists has not only improved the safety of our patients, but
  has also increased accountability and communication in the ORs."        

         Crystal Jones, Grants Director, The HMHP Foundation

Humility of Mary Health Partners implemented a surgical checklist initiative, which contributed to reducing readmission rates from 21.3% in 2011 to 14.7% in 2012 “Implementation of the white board checklists has not only improved the safety of our patients, but has also increased   accountability and communication in the ORs.”

         Crystal Jones, Grants Director, The HMHP Foundation
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