The Checklist Boards Corporation has announced the successful installation of Surgical Checklist Boards at their 500th client hospital.
“We are pleased to announce Checklist Boards’ products have met our health care industry goal to reduce medical procedure risk by preventing errors and saving lives. We receive positive feedback from our clients concerning readmissions, cost savings and improved patient safety,” Rick Taylor, President of the Checklist Boards Corporation, reports.
Nathan Mast, Patient Safety Officer at Humility of Mary Health Partners of Central Ohio reports a 31 percent reduction in readmissions and a savings of $2 million after the installation of Checklist Boards Corporation products.
“We use Checklist Boards in our surgical suites. The Joint Commission noted them as a Best Practice,” Sandra Washington, Chief Nursing Officer Department of Veterans Affairs reports.
A Checklist Board is easy to see and easy to use. The large, interactive checklist has line items that the surgical team confirms as complete. The Right Patient, Right Procedure, and Right Side are only the beginning. Depending on the surgery or invasive procedure, up to 25 line items are included. Each Checklist Board is custom made to the hospital’s exact specifications and may include Time-Out confirmations for before, during and after procedures.
Today, 500 hospitals use Time-Out Surgical Checklist Boards before, during and after every procedure. 

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Hospitals use checklists to reduce errors