Thinking of Buying: Pre-sterilized Implants and Procedural Kits

Are pre-sterilized implants and single-use instrument kits that come boxed and ready to use worth a try? Consider:

  • Surgeons get a new and sterile instrument every time. As one manufacturer puts it: One surgery, one box, one company.
  • You eliminate the reprocessing risks of hard-to-clean reusable instrument sets because you dispose of the kits after one use.
  • Pre-sterilized instrument kits contain only what the surgical team uses, so you'll cut down on waste and save storage space (they're about one-fourth the size of regular trays).
  • Some vendors even barcode each package separately so you're only billed for what you use.
  • You eliminate delays or cancellations due to wet trays or an overlooked dirty instrument.

As with everything you purchase, cost is a key consideration. While at first glance it might appear that pre-sterilized implants and kits are pricey, when you factor in the time you'll save and the efficiency you'll gain — and when you remove reprocessing and immediate-use steam sterilization from the equation — they could hold real value.

Source: http://www.outpatientsurgery.net/surgical-facility-administration/product-reports/thinking-of-buying-pre-sterilized-implants-and-procedural-kits--06-18

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