VA Medical Center Orders Checklist Boards

Checklist Boards Corp. has announced that the Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center recently ordered Checklist Boards for their procedure rooms — including  the bronchoscopy suite, pre-procedure cardiac cath lab, pre-procedure GI suite, pre-procedure interventional radiology and  pre-procedure transthoracic echocardiogram lab.

Each checklist board has a patented slider system that allows indicators to be moved from red to green as you progress through the time out process.

“Everyone on the medical team is aware you do not start the procedure until the checklist is completed and the entire board shows green,” Checklist Boards Corp. President Rick Taylor said. “Checklist Boards, with highly visible green/red indicators, have been proven to trap errors. This important patient safety tool has been installed at 41 individual VA Medical Centers involving over 100 different procedure areas.”

Checklist Boards Corporation, based in Rochester, New York,  inspires to help health care providers continuously improve health care outcomes through the implementation of standardized checklists for processes throughout the hospital – including pre-op, OR, recovery and patient rooms. For information, visit www.checklistboards.com.

Source: http://ortoday.com/va-medical-center-orders-checklist-boards/
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