Christus St Vincent Chooses Checklist Boards for Time Outs at Hospital

Christus St Vincent Chooses Checklist Boards for Time Outs at Hospital

Checklist Boards Corporation, August 2015, Rochester NY—The Checklist Boards Corporation (www.checklistboards.com) was recently chosen by Christus St Vincent in Santa Fe New Mexico to design and deliver Time Out Checklist Boards to their hospital.

Rick Taylor, President & CEO of Checklist Boards stated "Working closely with Tammera Hill and her surgical team, we were able to develop a custom checklist time out white board that will insure the Time Out protocol is followed correctly and efficiently every time a surgical procedure is conducted." Taylor continued, "Our Time Out Checklist Boards have been shown to reduce readmissions by up to 30%, helping three hospitals save over $2 million in the first year. Most importantly, they are proven to reduce errors and save lives." The Christus St Vincent checklist includes sections for time out, counts, staff and times. "The count section of the board is critical, Retained Surgical Items are a designated as never events. While no system is 100% foolproof, this tool will help Christus St Vincent be sure that nothing is unintentionally left behind."

Checklist Board Corporation inspires to help providers and institutions continuously improve health care processes through the implementation of a comprehensive checklist. Reducing errors and driving improvement in patient outcomes.

For more information, contact Rick Taylor at 585-586-0152 or rick@checklistboards.com
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