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DESCRIPTION Join Checklist Boards to Support Sepsis Alliance and Raise Sepsis Awareness
Sepsis kills more people in the U.S. than breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS - combined! Sepsis takes a life every 2 minutes yet it is treatable in most cases. Fewer than half of American adults have heard of sepsis. As many as half of all lives (125,000 people each year) can be saved with improved awareness and education. What is needed is greater awareness of sepsis and better education for the general public and healthcare providers.

Recently Checklist Boards Corporation donated the KNOWSEPSIS website domains to the Sepsis Alliance which will help them consolidate communication around their sepsis awareness campaign. "Checklist Boards is proud to support the leading sepsis advocacy organization in their efforts to raise awareness of sepsis as a medical emergency," said Rick Taylor, President of Checklist Board. "Checklists provide a backup to human memory during routine and emergency procedures. They serve as a formal reminder to help prevent errors of omission and contribute to a safer environment. Checklist Board Corporation's unique Checklist Board design is a direct result of input from healthcare professionals and practitioners throughout the United States." REQUEST INFORMATION
Hospitals use checklists to reduce errors